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ThroatChopU Top $ Raz - Reign on the Parade

After three singles, Top $ Raz delivers Reign on the Parade, his first full length offering since The New Flesh. Teaming up with and indie-label start up Throat Chop Music, Reign on the Parade is Top $'s flag in the sand, marking his territory in this rap game. With feature collaborations from producers such as J57 and Audible Doctor of The Brown Bag AllStars, Badd Lukk, 6th Sense and others, Reign on the Parade serves as a true reflection of the Far Rock, Queens native's life. With the passion and energy in his rhymes, coupled with hard hitting production, it's safe to say Reign is truly the two headed dragon that will turn heads. Recorded/Mixed by Doug Simpson for The War Room.

  • Runtime: 35 minutes, 11 songs
  • Release Date: