Thousand Story Quickly, Quickly is Gonna Have Babies to a Beatles Song // TSP034


Thousand Story

We stopped by Quickly, Quickly's house to see what's up with the Boy Wonder, and ended up fangirling about the Beatles + placing bets on Tekashi69's estimated time of death. Yikes. Timestamps: Intro Stuff (0:00-6:10) The Beatles and Other Obsessions (28:37) Tekashi69 Death Bets (44:00) 60s Artists vs. Today's Artists (48:00) Quickly Album Release Dates (69:07) Quickly, The Pop Punk G$wd (73:46) LA ain't it for some (82:00) A Quickly Family (89:00) Follow Quickly, Quickly: Follow Thousand Story: Follow Luis: Follow Naji:

  • Producer: Thousand Story
  • Release Date: October 15, 2019