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Thousand Story Do, Be, Do, Be, Do // TSP008


Thousand Story

❖ Thousand Story Podcast ❖ Summary: No, this is not about jazz. Unless you’re into that sorta thing, which, in this case, would make this definitely about jazz. We all get a little bit frazzled working day in and day out on our truest passions. Every now and then we need to take a break, and realize that there’s more to life than working ourselves to death. That being said… grab a doobie. Light that s**t. Inhale. Now pass it, EXCLUSIVELY ON THE LEFT-HAND SIDE. No, but seriously. We’re going discuss how to calm the f*** down, even when it’s all due tomorrow. More Info > Twitter > Instagram > Discover The Creators: @mrnajiboy • @elpontillo (Twitter + IG) Send us questions or bits of advice on the site ( or hit us up over Twitter/Instagram!

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