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Thikhay-B Song of Freedom



“Song of freedom” came to my heart during a morning devotion around April last year, while I was meditating on _"the glorious liberty of the sons of God"_... Rom 8:21 Freedom always comes with a price: A slave can only be freed by paying the price for his freedom. Some persons taught the galatian church that they had to observe the Mosaic laws in order to pay the Price for their freedom; but that is something that none of of us can do. Christ Jesus did for us what we couldn't do. At the cross, He paid the Price so we could be free. Let us therefore stand firm in this freedom Christ gave us, and not let ourselves be burdened again under the yoke of slavery. Thikhay-B

  • Producer: Samson Light
  • Album: I see Grace
  • Release Date: