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Voices of The Voiceless

<Bail>Ransom I was tired, irritated in fact. I have talked about this in all tones; from yearning for constructive and diplomatic dialogue to fanatically clamoring for all other forms of response, not excluding the violent path. My weariness and irritation however are all manifestations of Vanity and would never be as significant when viewed from a broader perspective on the said subject. Who cares if they didn’t listen then, if you understand that as a creative you are a vessel for a greater cause, TIMING does not matter and is not determined by YOU. In today’s society, it’s also hard to gauge the authenticity of the many “vessels” we interact with. For this reason, I have been reluctant to communicate the way I do best for the mere fear of coming off as taking advantage of a situation for some recognition or cause its Trendy. That itself, I have recently come to understand, is also a manifestation of Vanity. I therefore would continue to speak on and give my account hoping that it would reach and encourage someone with the knowledge and resources to address these and let other victims who may not be able to act know that they are not alone. Only The Land Of The Brave Can Be Free

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