Tom Budin Shake That

  • Album: NYX


Rebirth, or otherwise known as ‘Palingenesis’ in Ancient Greece, was a celebrated tradition amongst the Gods. So in honor of this tradition, NYX felt that it would only be right if Tom Budin’s masterpiece ‘Shake That’ would once again be played through the halls of Olympus. With the stage set, NYX decided that it was finally time to unveil Tom Budin and let him serenade the Gods. As he played ‘Shake that’, clear as day, the entire room was filled by the single voice saying “Take a step forward, now take a step back. Damn it girl I love the way you move it like that”. Knowing full well what would ensue, Tom sat back and watched as the mystifyingly seductive bassline threw all of the Olympus into a frenzy. NYX looking around, knew that she had succeeded and that thanks to Tom, it would be a

  • Album: NYX
  • Release Date: January 31, 2020