Tim Hox, Reynor Audite

  • Album: NYX

Tim Hox & Reynor much like NYX come alive in the night. So it seemed only natural that while wandering through the night she would be attracted to their music’. She was drawn in by the bouncy rap like vocal which seamlessly matched the rhythm of the bassline. Then a swirling uplifter came out of nowhere and her head began to spin as the buildup made its way to the climax. When it finally arrived there was only silence, and then a distant ‘assessment’ of a hi-hat. Then the drop took an unexpected turn, a dark aura took over the song as a fat powerful kick came out as the leading sound, surrounded by distant high pitch synths. In a subtle but still present way, the bassline wove itself between the powerful 4 to the floor beat creating a menacing ambiance.

  • Album: NYX
  • Release Date:

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