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SUBB & Diskover Black Out

  • Feat. Willa
  • Album: NYX

Once a month, the moon is entirely gone from the night sky. Without this beacon of light, complete darkness befalls everything beneath it. On this particular night, NYX feels most alive! As such she appoints two of her favourite musicians SUBB & Diskovers to make a track that leads you through the darkness. All you have to do is close your eyes, listen, and embrace the ‘Black Out’. It is said that if you choose to listen, you will hear a singular female voice singing through the darkness. Next, you will feel a subtle bass pass under your feet, as though it wants to lead you somewhere. Finally, a steady kick to make sure you never stray from the rhythm. Even though you can't see, you needn’t worry. NYX, SUBB & Diskovers are right by your side.

  • Producer: SUBB & Diskover
  • Album: NYX
  • Release Date: