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Dima Sick Fat

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Starting off with a buildup, and upbeat vocal chops, the ever rising tension begins to near the drop. Something about it feels different, unpredictable, slightly on edge, but in a way that keeps the audience on their toes. NYX, like all the others, is listening to Dima Sick’s ‘Fat’ and is entirely infatuated by what she is hearing. As the drop finally hits, strong kicks move the crowd only to be followed up by a raw bassline that calls outs and awaits a reply. As to be expected it gets a reply from an equally undisguised lead synth before returning the attention of the track to the groove of the kick. Rarely do Olympians and mortals share the same dance floor, but with Dima Sick as help, anything is possible.

  • Producer: Dima Sick
  • Album: NYX
  • Release Date:

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