Contra BanzIbadi

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Contra Banz



Ahhhh it is a spiritual something..Banz!!! Haba shaba she wan the raba X 3 Chrous IBADI NI ijo wa o IBADI NI IBADI NI IBADI NI ijo wa oo X2 Verse 1 As the Gbedu dey flow Everybody dey party dey go The shayo dey flow more bottles to go Everybody dey party dey slow...Ehhhn... As the matter dey go Naso popo show everybody dey party dey go Olopa for road na to japa dey go naso, I take jam her for road... Bridge She wan to touch my pimpim collect the kpa and kept it Pull up with the geng like scrr scrr I say pull up with the geng like scrr scrr...gbese!! X2 Chrous again Verse 2 Shawdy say ama bad man Me I say ama good man Sometimes ama rude man Oya give it to me lemme cool down cool down. Pull up with the geng like scrr scrr have gat money in the bank no juju O ta lenu bi Buju gat

  • Total Plays: 1,964
  • Album: The Birth of a HITMAN EP
  • Producer: Emmystrings
  • Release Date:
  • Genre: Afrobeats