The Awkward Minority I Beat Yo ASS


2017 had its fair share of chaos. Too much to name but what always reminds the same each year is great music. WhetherDem it was the flamboyant trumpets, babbling drums, the songstress baring her soul for the world to hear.Rappers that have been crafting their skills getting there breakout hit. Bands going from the garage to filling stadiums. 2017 had no shorter of it all. On this episode, we talk about the cream of the crop. This is the best albums of 2017. Presented by Apple Music THREE FREE MONTHS OF APPLE Free shipping on all Vans: This episode is also sponsored by GoDaddy. Save 30% Sanquon "Don't Hurt Yourself" collection: Lootcrate:

  • Release Date: January 4, 2018