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The Aquarian Initiative. Here, There, Everywhere.

Here, There, Everywhere is the Debut EP of The Aquarian Initiative. There are 6 tracks on the debut EP- Cracked, Hard To Concentrate, Blissful Illness, Swimming With Sirens, Loving Salvation and Wishing You Rest And The Best. The Aquarian Initiative is the stage name for Canadian Singer Songwriter Brandon Andovic. The objective of the Aquarian Initiative is to simply give music to the people created by the people. We strongly encourage the support of righteous charities around the world and humanitarian work done by individuals unto themselves. In short, our music is free and always will be (unless you truly wish to give, there is that option on band camp, after all we finance all projects out of pocket), however we ask that you give back to your community in whatever way you can

  • Producer: Shane Simpson.
  • Runtime: 20 minutes, 6 songs
  • Release Date: