A.D.A.M Mine (Prod by Lee)



I basically wrote MINE trying to express what I wanted to do with life, to own the world, to own my world, while also understanding that there are hurdles waiting on the way, and I am bound to make mistakes sometimes. MINE is a song from my debut EP set to drop later this year. It was produced Lee, whom doesn't know I'm using his beat because he didn't reply my mails. Kidda X recorded, mixed, and mastered this beauty and helped with designs for the cover. The picture used was shot by my friend Sahrodion, and the final cover selected was made by Tron. I'll really appreciate it if you listened to this song in depth, and tell me what it speaks to you. Feel free to share to a friend as well.❤

  • Producer: Lee
  • Release Date: March 1, 2020