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On this week’s episode of #TheFriendZone, we step into the Crime Zone. Dustin brings the Last Supper of Lucien and Olivier to the Hot Button. THE FRIEND ZONE IS ON PATREON! Sign up now to catch our 4 spin-off shows (with audio, video and BTS images) and Livestream Tour: Black Business of the Week - Euphoria Eats - Hemp infused Sweet BBQ and Louisiana Hot Sauce Wellness Segment - Lynn Aker Massage Thank you to our Sponsors: Cricket Wireless - Cricket Wireless can help you make the easy switch to the mobile plan that’s right for you starting at $30 a month. Activation and other fees and restrictions apply. Terms subject to change. See store for details. Little Rock CVB - If you’re big on Black culture, you’re big on Little Rock. Home to dozens of Black-owned businesses and restaurants and six sites on the 
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