The Fix Productions Ep. 72 - "Feliz ChapChaLaLap"


Merry Christmas Fix Nation! In this episode, Ari, Naro and Javi congratulate Jamaican Toni-Ann Singh on being crowned Miss World 2019. They also discuss the Jamaican Government amending the Noise Abatement Act for Christmas, Usain Bolt continuing to troll Yohan Blake, and I-Octane showing off his new mansion. Naro also accuses women of being horrible gift buyers; the ladies react; and the crew also debate a study that claims half the world's women having a 'back-up man'. Buss Di Utes song of the week: Ari: July Bailey - Paypa: Javi: ZiZi - Riches: Naro: Gold Gad, Ciaga Bynes - ChapChaLaLap:

  • Release Date: December 19, 2019