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The Fix Productions Ep. 60 - "Industry Plants & Gatekeepers" (ft. DJ Buck & Willie Daniels)


In this week's episode, Ari, Naro and Javi have a candid conversation about the struggles of pursuing your passion while feeling like everything is going wrong. They also discuss the possibility of industry plants being in dancehall and speculate on the likely suspects. Award Winning U.S Music Executives, DJ Buck and Willie Daniels later join in and discuss what it takes to break into the U.S mainstream market, gatekeepers and the current state of Jamaican music. Buss Di Utes songs of the week: Ari: Symatic - Wanna Love: Javi: Geno - Flirt: Naro: KaleX - RISE (feat. Gapix & Worl Fuego):

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