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The Fix Productions Ep. 159 - "Wanga Gut" (ft. Yanique Curvy Diva)


In a tasty episode, Ari and Naro dines with Yanique Curvy Diva and they talk the struggles of starting her restaurant business, her new cookbook, if women in dancehall are wifey material and if Yanique started the designer body trend in dancehall. Naro also gets Yanique to reveal how much of a freak she is, what body part her man likes about her the most and much, much more. Buss Di Utes songs of the week: Yanique: Onsoundmynd - 10,000 Unanswered Questions: Ari: Elvitcho - Neva Lie: Naro: Quozi - Tic Tok:

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