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The Fix Productions Ep. 100 - "Column Inna Dis"


The Fix crew marks a century of episodes with a celebration, while also reflecting on the journey to get there. User-generated topics are discussed such as the death of juggling, if Dancehall fans are the biggest downfall of the genre and more. They also share their thoughts on the virtual stagging of Reggae Sumfest 2020, Buju Banton winning the 2020 JCDC festival song competition, Koffee's 'Lockdown' music video and Aidonia's recent Instagram live calling for unity in the culture. Buss Di Utes songs of the week: Ari: Kxng Izem - Wildfire: Javi: Khemikal 45 - Anyweh Di Money: Naro: Valiant - Unruly Vibes:

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