The Corporatethief Beats Game Over


This beat here is one of my latest Trap type beat is called Game Over. It stemmed from a guitar riff I had recorded on the guitar into logic. The guitar riff itself wasn’t that special. I began to tweak and manipulate the sound so that it would have something that sounded unique. If you listen to that majority of trap type beats today, most of them are pretty minimalists and simple. But there is always something very unique with the hook melody. While the pattern might have some familiarity, the sound used to create the theme is always solitary and rare. I like the new trap type beat format, which makes it easier for new rappers to relate too and rap over. I can hear an artist like Kid Cudi on a beat like this. I was going for a Kid Cudi Type Beat Sound. Where now he has found his own artist lane with the instrumentals that he raps over but has kind of reverted by to a more modern trap type beat drum pattern. There is an abstract nature to this beat. The heavy drums hit pretty hard. Both the drums and the bassline are pretty in your face. The guitar riff floats in and out of the hook and the verses, while the vocal hook melody creates a definition between the hook and the ver

  • Producer: The Corporatethief Beats
  • Release Date: May 23, 2019

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