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The Casey Crew Podcast Episode 196: You’ve Got Mail...


Every week, Envy & Gia read a viewer/listener email 📧 that they find interesting. With such a high volume of emails, they decided to dedicate an episode just to answer some of your questions... 1. As a parent, how do you control the anxiety associated with fear of something harmful happening to your child? What steps do you take to keep them protected? Envy & Gia share some experiences that they have had and how they go about securing their kid’s safety. They both share steps that you can take as well. 2. Our second emailer her has hit quite a few speed bumps when it comes to planning her wedding.🤔 Envy & Gia give their opinion on how she may be able to sift through those problems. As it turns out, Envy has an interesting solution... 3. Since the start of the pandemic, do you find yourself more cautious of how you spend money? This emailer wants advise on how to prevent her hu

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