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The Casey Crew Podcast Episode 195: I Think I’m Ready To Risk It All...


Do you believe that your upbringing has anything to do with your relationship style, love language or put simply, how you treat people? Are you from the school of thought that dictates “you must teach people how to treat you”? Envy recently saw a instagram post implying that men’s treatment of women is based on their feelings for them. Gia feels as though some people may not have the appropriate experience, maturity or worldliness to fulfill their partners needs... Would you agree? Or, rather, do you believe that quality of relationships are the result of time and progression? What are some ways you believe you could teach someone how to treat you in a relationship? The 📧 Email Of The Week 📧 comes from a curious listener who recently stepped out on her marriage. She feels as though her husband does not prioritize her, is selfish and is not giving as much to the relationship

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