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The Casey Crew Podcast Episode 192: Ladies Would You Propose To Your Man...?


This episode’s first topic was inspired by a show that Envy and Gia watched on TV in which one of the cast members wants to get married to her long time boyfriend. The couple has two kids and he hasn’t proposed as yet, knowing that she yearns for a proposal and to be made “respectable” more than anything...😳 Ladies would you propose to your man if you felt that a proposal from him was not on the horizon? Fellas how would you feel if your partner proposed to you? Would you feel put on the spot or find it to be endearing? Do you have a expiration date when it comes to dating and the transition from boyfriend/girlfriend to fiancé? Envy & Gia share their thoughts on the subject... The 📧 Emails Of The Week 📧 are comprised of two emails... 1.) The first begs the question, does reaching out to an ex for a special occasion or to simply see how they’re doing insinuate that yo

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