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The Casey Crew Podcast Episode 186: NO Money, Mo Problems..


The popular saying and title of hit song, “Mo Money Mo Problems” highlights a well-known concept… But what about “NO Money Mo Problems”??? Seems as though we lose either way…🤔 Financial issues are the number one cause of divorce in this country and possibly around the world. Hardships are stressful and unmet expectations can drive a significant wedge between partners. Have money issues or financial instability ever caused a rift in your relationship? OR have you ever felt as though someone was only with you for the lifestyle that you were able to provide them? Envy & Gia share their thoughts on the power of money in a relationship and what affects, if any, it has on them... The 📧Email of the week📧 comes from a women who expresses that she is not able to achieve organism during sex and the fact that her partner believes that she is a lesbian because of it. Ladies, do

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