The Casey Crew PodcastEpisode 154: Do You Believe In Gender Roles...?

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How do you feel about chivalry? In your relationship, do you believe that certain responsibilities are your’s or your partner’s obligation solely based on gender? Whether you do or don’t, how do you feel about this notion? 📧“You’ve Got Mail....” 📧 Every week, Envy and Gia read a viewer/listener email that they find interesting. With such a high volume of emails, they decided to dedicate an episode to answer some of your questions...• 1. Have you ever been in a relationship and felt as though your partner was “just not that into you”? 🤔 2. Women, what would you do if you became pregnant and your partner was adamantly against having the baby? 🙏🏾 3. Have you ever felt as though you and the rest of your family came second to your partner’s work or hobby? If yes, how did you handle it? Let’s talk about it 🗣🗣.... • To watch or listen, click the link in my bio ✨ #ComeOver 🏡 #YoureInvited 💌 #TheCaseyCrew 🖤

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