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The Bully and the Beast Podcast Ep. 142 "No New Friends"


This week the Bully and the Beast are back and in full effect as they give their honest truth and advice to the listeners email and voicemail. With one listeners needing help with dealing with lazy coworkers and another listener having issues with her boyfriend being friends with her friends. Have you ever had an issue where your significant other tried to force you into their friendships or even tried to force their way into yours? Welll we had to ask our loyal listeners for "Who's On Drugs" along with asking our lady listeners would they keep a their husbands last name if they had a divorce and if our male listeners would even care if they changed it or not. Also, during the segment they had a surprising, disturbing but nonetheless entertaining listener that entered the discussion, and lets just they were not interested in either one of the topics or asking for advice. They were also

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