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The Bully and the Beast Podcast Ep. 134 "Bitter Challenge"


The Bully is back and ready to help the beast tackle some voicemail and emails and lets just say what both listeners had in common were there childish ways when it came to solving an issue. Moreover, for our Patreons we gave them an extra email, questioning Wax about his sh*tty ways. Also, during the roundtable talk starring Lore'l they discussed the very popular challenge in the hood "the crate challenge", Shacarri Richardson losing her race, and OnlyFans getting rid of explicit videos. And of course it is not a show if Wax doesn't end with his vocabulary skills with "Wax's ABC's" ************************************************ DON'T FORGET! FOLLOW US ON IG @BULLYANDTHEBEASTPODCAST FOLLOW US ON TWITTER : @BULLYNTHEBEAST ************************************ PATREON For Exclusive Content got to - extra email and voicemail -waxdom - behind the scene clips

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