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The Bully and the Beast Podcast EP. 129 "Beyond Curiosity" feat Gigi Maguire


As the Bully takes time to get better, we had one of our favorite guest Gigi Maguire stop by where she helped the beast answer some emails and voicemails from our listeners. And as you know when it comes to the emails and listeners it is always shocking on what our listeners need help with as we had one listener call in to ask about a situation that had to do with a wall, a hole and a sexual act, but you have to tune in to know exactly what we mean by that. Also, they had another listener trying to figure out the correct way to talk to woman and of course for our patrons we had an extra email where the listener had a situation that dealt with going downtown but getting kicked out in the process. And you know it is really not an episode without our segment "Who's On Drugs" where we had listeners call up to get advice, this time from scamming and going back to an ex. **********************

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