The Bully and the Beast Podcast Ep. 127 " Inexperience Experiences" feat Makaela


The Bully was not here to Bully the Beast but we had a special guest and real life friend Makaela stop by and help Wax answer some voicemails and emails from our listeners. And you know T-Diddy had to hop in and give her commentary as well. During this episode the new and reformed Wax is trying to convince the Makaela and T-Diddy to just settle down while they are on the fence and telling the listeners to spread your wild oaks until you find the right one! Who is right and who is wrong in these situtations? Check it out now Blue Chew Go to Try BlueChew FREE when you use our promo code BULLY at checkout-- just pay $5 shipping. PATREON For Exclusive Content got to - extra email and voicemail -waxdom - behind the scene clips

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