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The Bully and the Beast Podcast Ep 120 Selfish Escapades


This week the Bully and the Beast come together once again to answer some emails and voicmails. The first voicemail a listener came to us to see if we can help warn her friend about her risky affair with a married man, while she is still married her damn self! Also, for our patrons we answered an extra voicemail with a listener asking about interracial inviduals and relationships. Also, they read an email, and this email was definitely one of the most entertaining ones we got, as the listener expressed their love for slurping. Moreover, its not an episode if we don't see "Who's on Drugs" and during the segment, they spoke to some co-host about the recent video of Jake Paul and Floyd Mayweather as well as give their advice to their problems. And one thing that all our listeners had in common, they all came off SELFISH! Patreon For Exclusive Content got to:

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