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The Bully and the Beast Podcast EP. 116 " Can You Pay My Bills"


First things first Rest in peace to the Dog the legend DMX!!! This week's episode Wax and Lore'l filled in some more holes when is came to their listerners emails and voicemails asking for advice. One listener did not understand that he was being used as a human ATM and another was too lazy to work for the pum pum ... In his mind chivalry is dead. And for our patrons we had a special email and its so special that the Beast Wax read it!!! Find out if he can really read ot not?! Also, for the roundtable talk starring Lore'l they discussed the sad and recent passing of DMX, Shaq doing big charity work and more. Also, we didn't forget to add our loyal listeners in for "Who's On Drugs" and lets just things got very crazy from being blind sided on our listeners real name to naked push up's to say the least! Find out what Wax's new word of the week was during "Wax's ABC's" here's a hint its a

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