Gianni Lee B L U

B L U is a journey through various time periods and soundscapes drawing inspiration from Club Music , House , Grime , R&B and Folk. Containing six tracks B L U is an experience of music and art from start to finish. "B L U is all about my growth as a person. Growing up West Philadelphia I had six different cats all named Blu. If one would die or runaway we would eventually get another feline and I would again name him Blu. If these cats were personified and Blu #1 wanted to know how I grew up he could only be able ask Blu #6 about my growth. These six cats existed in different stages of my life as these six tracks were influenced by different stages of my life." - Gianni Lee

  • Producer: Fiinesse
  • Runtime: 20 minutes, 5 songs
  • Release Date: January 11, 2016