Tha Audio Unit Bang Bang You're Dead!!!

"Bang Bang You're Dead!!!". The 7 Track EP will be available on all streaming services on August 23rd, 2019. "Bang Bang You're Dead!!!" is a collection of Retro, Soulful, Pimp Themed Tracks from "The Blaxploitation" Era of the 1970's. Tha Audio Unit hand crafts Signature Hip Hop drum patterns, underneath Soulful Horn Sections, Funky Guitar licks, Sultry Bass lines, Warm Rhodes, Cinematic Strings and Electric Synth Leads. This 7 Track Funk Inspired EP sucessfully blends Funk, Soul, Jazz and Hip Hop by bridging the gap between time, genres and its listeners. Tha Audio Unit breathes New Life into Vintage Funk/Soul Melodies undeniably on "Bang Bang You're Dead". Listeners of all ages will appreciate the overall quality of Production. Tha Audio Unit's skill for Producing, Arranging, Sequencing and Studio Engineering shows on each Track on the New EP. Jack "A.U." Burton's love for Live Instrumentation is apparent as he's enlisted the creative genius of Fellow Musician and Producer, Bobby Deucé of Ask About It Productions, as Lead Keyboardist on "Bang Bang You're Dead!!!”. Executive Produced By Rayven Butler

  • Producer: Tha Audio Unit
  • Runtime: 29 minutes, 7 songs
  • Release Date: August 23, 2019

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