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Tenxx When No One's Looking


An expression of time spent reflecting on my life as I mentally prepared myself for what was to come during the pandemic. Fortunately, there’s always beauty in the madness. I took that time to really hone in on my creativity, making more songs than I knew what to do with. Although I truly wanted my circumstances to change, I took advantage of the time [WHEN ON ONE’S LOOKING] to be unapologetically me. 💡 Being the nomad that I’ve always been I decided to take a leap of faith moving to L.A. I spent 5 days on the Greyhound coming from Wichita, Kansas. This bus ride gave me time to reflect and manifest the future I want for myself. This E.P. Is a tribute to that journey. A journey in which placed me further down the path of a long traveled road towards a very unique destiny. #3BEHIND.

  • Runtime: 17 minutes, 6 songs
  • Release Date: