Dot Rotten RIP Young Dot

Team TakeOff

In 2008 Dot Rotten the revered South London Grime artist and producer released, R.I.P Young Dot. The talented musician who has made one of the biggest contributions to Grime post 2006. At the time of this release the former Essentials member was part of the OG crew.R.I.P Young Dot reflects an artist coming of age and starting to actualize his full potential. As Young Dot said, "it represents a time when I was reckless and ignorant and wasnt really too on point. Basically I didnt have my head screwed on, I had a lot of things happen that put a tarnish on the name Y.Dot, itself. So it wa

  • Runtime: 58 minutes, 16 songs
  • Release Date: March 30, 2008