Spacedad "Slap Bacon"

  • Album: Gringo Gang Vol. 2

Be introduced to the most entertaining and quality music movement out of the Midwest, GringoGang. Hailing from Indianapolis, IN the Gringo Gang is a group of artists with eclectic styles, lifestyles and music sauce. Spacedad (co-owner of clothing line Victory MFG and MLBGG) releases his first single "Slappin' Bacon" produced by Browntime (Speakerknockerz, Lil Lonnie, Soulja Boy) that is currently impacting on WHHH 96.3 (Indianapolis), WZCB (Columbus), WHHL (St. Louis), WGZB (Louisville), WJMI (Jackson, MS). It is the follow up single from the "Gringo Gang Vol. 2" street album hosted by DJ Champ (Mymixtapez, The Commission, Quality Control Music Group). instagram: @spacedad317 twitter: @spacedad317 Facebook: Jon Donson

  • Producer: Browntime
  • Album: Gringo Gang Vol. 2
  • Release Date: January 15, 2017