Chaz Machand Gold Jesus

  • Album: Fvck Lxve

Booking info Malcolm Graham 404 895 0795 email @globamgramceo Gold Jesus takes you on a ride to the southside of Atl, Clayton Co. to be exact. One of the most slum areas in Atl. Listen as Chaz explains his point of view of the world, the trap, and his place in the rap game. Being different is what makes him stand apart. His unique voice and wordplay puts him into a lane, and space where few can stand. Gold Jesus is a reflection of where in the streets if you have a Cuban Link Jesus Piece, in Miami, NYC, LA, your winning and Hustle God has blessed you. Listen as Chaz Machand blesses you with his latest single GOLD JESUS.

  • Producer: Big Fraze Beats
  • Album: Fvck Lxve
  • Release Date: November 7, 2015