Fastlane Fastlane - Ball On Em (Street Mix)

  • Album: Coming Soon

Fastlane is a dynamic, forward-thinking and eclectic hip-hop artist who's been drawn to music from birth. Hailing from Houston, Texas, Fastlane is a hip-hop artist whose output could be described with one world. Passion. Passion for his music. Passion for his community. Passion for his family and loved one. This is one of these rare performers who makes music with the goal to do something more than simply to entertain: to inspire, to make an impact and to make something of himself following a dream. His sound is a great balance between the warmth and groove of old school hip hop, and the sharp focus of modern production, with tight sounding analog-style beats, cool synth lines, and on top of it all, a compelling lyrical flow!

  • Producer: J. Lee Merchant pka Roc Mo Acheck
  • Album: Coming Soon
  • Release Date: March 18, 2016