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1Syke Jack Boi Muzik 3

Tampa, Florida may be known for Juke Muzik and Night Life, but now Tampa has another reason to be excited. 1Syke, a gangsta turned street artist known for his witty story telling, picture painting,and infectious type rhymes, in which he exhibits in his latest project Jack Boi Muzik 3 (JBM3) due to set the streets on fire March 3, 2018. You will definitely get to see the life behind the mask and everything that comes with the street life! "JBM3 IS ABOUT THE UPS AND DOWNS OF A ROBBERS DAY TO DAY LIFE ON TOP OF DEALING WITH ANXIETY AND DEPRESSION! LOOSING FRIENDS AND DOING TIME IN PRISON AND DEALING WITH PEOPLE TURNING ON ME WHICH CAUSED ME TO BE ANTISOCIAL" , 1st Quarter. While making splash with lead singles "Intro feat Bigga Rankin" and "Sum Mo", the gangsta god still holds his

  • Producer: Various
  • Runtime: 49 minutes, 14 songs
  • Release Date: