Nardo Mula @nardomula Balmain Junkie

Want To Know What Balmain Is? Press PlayNardo MulaBali World Is Nardo Mula's Debut SingleCheck Out It Aint Nuthin Featuring Yarda. It's On 1000!!Check Out Boyz N Da Hood. Listen To The Story told by Nardo Thru Witty Punchlines and crazy Ryhme Scheme..Everybody Says They A Boss But Can You Really Take A Loss.. Listen To Boss Life Now!Workin All Day All Night Aight...Stream Balmain JunkieYou Not On Da Same Shit I Be On... Stream Balmain JunkieI Had To Finesse Em..He Woulda done It To Me..Stream Balmain JunkieI Been Living That Street Life, I Just Made It Home Wit Anotha Square..Stream Balmain JunkieIm just Tryna Get My Diddy On, Im Just Tryna Put My City OnWhen The Money goes I Guess They Go Too....Stream Balmain JunkieIts Too Late, Balmains Done Took Over, They smokin it, shootin it, and sellin it...Stream Balmain junkie
  • Producer: Various
  • Runtime: 35 minutes, 12 songs
  • Release Date: February 12, 2019

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