Nardo Mula @nardomula Balmain Junkie

Want To Know What Balmain Is? Press Play Nardo Mula Bali World Is Nardo Mula's Debut Single Check Out It Aint Nuthin Featuring Yarda. It's On 1000!! Check Out Boyz N Da Hood. Listen To The Story told by Nardo Thru Witty Punchlines and crazy Ryhme Scheme.. Everybody Says They A Boss But Can You Really Take A Loss.. Listen To Boss Life Now! Workin All Day All Night Aight...Stream Balmain Junkie You Not On Da Same Shit I Be On... Stream Balmain Junkie I Had To Finesse Em..He Woulda done It To Me..Stream Balmain Junkie I Been Living That Street Life, I Just Made It Home Wit Anotha Square..Stream Balmain Junkie Im just Tryna Get My Diddy On, Im Just Tryna Put My City On When The Money goes I Guess They Go Too....Stream Balmain Junkie Its Too Late, Balmains Done Took Over, They smokin it, shootin it, and sellin it...Stream Balmain junkie

  • Producer: Various
  • Runtime: 35 minutes, 12 songs
  • Release Date:

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