Kennedy Tare-otu LOW, FOLK AND BALLAD

Originally as LOW, FOLK AND BALLADE is a Gospel motivational series created by Kennedy Tare-otu; a Nigerian Folk singer, and producer. This Extended Play is a series released annually and demonstrates a simple freestyle, possessing austere musical characteristics. The first Episode of The LOW, FOLK, AND BALLADE has a subtitle called THE LIGHT, originating from the concept of the message of this musical piece or series. With many asking what ‘LOW, FOLK AND BALLADE’ means. These three words describes the concept of the EP and also gives a hint to its message, that says ‘If you feel LOW (Down), remember your past (FOLK/also a word meaning old or past) is just a Story (Ballad), focus on THE LIGHT. The EP is the combination of Gospel and Motivational songs with the desire to lift Man.

  • Runtime: 26 minutes, 7 songs
  • Release Date:


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