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Swiitche Weston Oh Well, Wish Me Godspeed.

So the story of the young ambitious boy continues as he grows into a man. In this chapter I’m no longer in between the worlds but existing in one of the worlds. As I was falling between the worlds I finally landed on Planet Rap (the orange planet which seems distant on the Life Between Worlds front cover). In this world, I start a new life in which I face so many new challenges/obstacles that require a special skillset to survive. In the midst of this chaos, I fall in love with a certain girl, who bandages & treats all the scars and bruises which had been caused by my ex-lover and it makes me treat her like a diamond. I also realize I possess a hustler’s mentality as I spend time in the streets trying to get some income to fund my vision. I have to grow a thick skin to in order to make it.

  • Runtime: 23 minutes, 8 songs
  • Release Date:

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