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Niggas be sleep no cap (huh) ion gotta worry bout that i feel like i am immortal i gotta inform em i keep me a gat (huh) Nigga i swear im not normal im putting it on em , so now its a wrap (huh) fuck her im bending her over my head on her shoulder i hit from the back my drip be heavy like tank no you aint touching my rank wish you was up but you aint wish you could rap but you can’t i got that vest on my body my status on ricch like im roddy i got em pissed off how i got em Lil bih i be balling like scotty huh yuhhuh, minimum uh lil nigga you making minimum uh Might as well go suck a dick or sum uh Drop it low and she pick it up uh can’t you see a nigga fitted up huh cuz she know a nigga wit it bruh uh And she like it how i hit it up uh Come in this bih and im lit up

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