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Sev'n Asylum


Asylum is an album for comfort, despite the eerie sound effects and sad chord progressions it gives a very satisfactory feeling in the end. It begins very slow and uneasy and finally resolves into a superficial song sang by bedroom producer Sev'n where he sings about an addiction he has with a person. Asylum is unresolving, being mentally trobuled by everything around us, looking for perfection where there is chaos is never possible. Asylum brings chaos in a very unconventional way and turns it into music. I just want you to sit back and turn up your headphones and enjoy each and every song. Listening to one song won't cut it, to get the whole story every song must be listened to in context. :) I mean If you don't like it be nice about it and tell me what you don't like, anyways, enjoy :)

  • Runtime: 27 minutes, 8 songs
  • Release Date: