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Back To The Basics Radio Back To The Basics Radio Show #24


Playlist 1.Al'Tarba-Science Of Dreams ft. IDE 2.Subcon5cience & DJ Rhum'1-Mortuary of Malice ft. Rated R Prod. by Dj Rhum'1 3.Chief Kamachi-First Warning 4.Chain Of Command-The System 5.Ron Donson-Medieval Minstrel Prod. By Supreme Da Almighty 6.The Literates-Hip Hop Worldwide 7.Apakalypse-Goonie Squad Ft. DeadRoom Professa & NoEmotion Prod. by Lord Gamma 8.Rated R-The Heat ft. Samuel Tafari, Ixion Form & DJ Coach One Prod. By Plague Plenty 9.Supreme Da Almighty-A Million MCs feat Mr.Fickle and Fel Sweetenberg Prod. By Goliathizm With Cuts By DeeJuliOne 10.Misseda Flow-Ny Time Side 11.The Lost Boyz-Renee 12.L Da Headtoucha-Violate 13.Frantik-Strange Greed 14.Yser One-Big up 15.Shyheim-Young Godz 16.Bloodline-4th Chapter Ft. Planet X 17.RZA-Tragedy

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