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Qualmes StankaKILLafornia

What do you get when you mix Hennessy & illicit drugs? You are granted access into the vivid & imaginative mind of Qualmes & the world he calls StankaKILLaFornia. " The whole EP is made for me, I don't sit & write thinking about what's gonna bang in the club or what line is gonna make you re think everything you've ever heard before from a artist. Hell if it does then I might just be the genius I already know I am, every song is a emotion that hit me at the time. We as humans go through a cycle of emotions & stages that's why I never re create the same song. I can't give you something I made a year before again hell not even a week ago because I'm constantly growing & changing. This is where I spent the last year this is where I've mentally lived everyday in StankaKILLaFornia. The project

  • Runtime: 28 minutes, 8 songs
  • Release Date: