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student 1 ahfdehed 2


student 1

all off the top freestyle tape. recorded off my phone. some acoustic stuff on this un too. peep the first ahfdehed if u wanna hear some more freestyling frumme k bai luv yas ▼▼ .::follow me on socials::. ▼▼ ********************************* twitter: instagram: tiktok: spotify: apple music: facebook: website: all inquiries: TRACKLIST --SIDE 1-- 1. BEFORE 2. DONT QUIT EVEN IF U AINT SAYN NUN 3. ELEVATE 4. RECIPE(feat. the tumors) 5. THIS ONE STARTS BAD 6. MY NIGGA MICHAEL WENT IN 7. LOOSIE LOT 8. GOT IT (feat. the tumo

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