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Stik Figa Stik Figa Is Not Quite Himself

Stik Figa

Stik Figa is an every-man MC from the American mid-west, particularly Topeka, KS. He released his first album, Stik Figa as Himself, on Arizona based independent label Mello Music Group in 2012. It was followed up by a collaboration with L'Orange The City Under the City in 2013. Now he is back with a new project with Kansas City, MO producer Leonard Dstroy, who infuses elements of jazz, soul, funk and experimental electronic elements. Stik delivers MC braggadocio, social observations, along with personal reflections on his working class upbringing. Featuring guest vocals from Gee Watts and Abnorm. The album can be purchased at if you would like support the artist in a monetary way. Otherwise, share and enjoy!

  • Producer: Leonard DStroy
  • Runtime: 55 minutes, 19 songs
  • Release Date: