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Steve James Lyrah - Don't Make Me (Steve James Remix)

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Steve James

Lyrah and I are actually from the same hometown of Johnstown, PA. Not exactly a hot bed for music artists. although our styles are pretty different, we’ve always bounced music off each other and I’ve wanted to remix something of hers for awhile. her voice is incredible and her artistry & vision are really inspiring to me. if you don’t know her music, you should absolutely check it out. i've wanted to remix “don’t make me” since it came out awhile back but didn’t have time until now. i love how this remix starts with just the piano & her vocal and then speeds up into a a really danceable and fun club track. it kinda reminds me of my “ruin my life” remix but with a darker twist. go check out the track, and big thanks to Lyrah for all her support and allowing me to do this remix 💛

  • Album: Don't Make Me (Steve James Remix)
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