Steelyone P.M.O.



FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: New York City, NY (April 23 rd , 2020)- The evolutional timeline of Hip-Hop has just been stamped again. Do you remember hits like “All I Have” by J Lo ft. LL Cool J, and “Always On Time” by Ja Rule and Ashanti? These were timeless tracks that resonate to this very day. Well another hit has been added to that list, “PMO!” “PMO” meaning “Put Me On” in the 21 st century rendition of what one may go through trying to capture his new lady. “PMO” is song that builds controversy on whether or not you should give your “homie” access to your female friend. This musical fusion between two legendary artists Steelyone (Hip- Hop) and Soleil Laurent (Rock & Soul) takes that melodic conversation to the next level.

  • Producer: kool kidd dre/ Solei Laurent
  • Release Date:

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