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Stay Busy w/ Armon Sadler S2:E11 - "Are We Surprised?"


The Grammy's are Grammying, Armon is working OT, and Nic has had enough of the dressing v. stuffing debate.  That all means....Busy is Back! We CHAT about Kevin Hart's Clubhouse experience and some hot takes (Freddie Gibbs > J.  Cole?; D Smoke is an industry plant?) before Nic delivers another insightful Half&Half discussing YouTube's next power play. We give our final bouquet of flowers to EOTM Olivia Shalhoup and the Slide Deck takes a competitive edge after Kieran declares Nic the top curator on the show (I beg your pardon?!? - Dr. Umar, but also Armon). This week's Board Meeting is an open and honest discussion about the Recording Academy's missteps in this year's Grammy nominations. Nic handles the R&B and Armon talks Rap. We wanna know if you feel the same way we do, so Tweet us your thoughts @staybusypod @armonsadler @nicearleymusic_. Make sure you #BuyBlack t

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